The vehicle rear view systems supplier, who makes parking easier;


 The car security systems pioneer, who directs your family life safely;


 The qualified cooperator in car before market,who can offer perfect OEM/ODM services;


 The expert at different solutions in car after market,who helps push your proprietary/self-owned brands.   



Our History


Dating back to 2001, Grace Tech Ltd. initially got started the manufacture of bus & truck camera. Then in 2003, we tried to launched many universal types of cameras, followed by OEM special cameras in 2005.


Year 2008 witnessed Grace’s great leap -- MIGNOVA brand enjoyed the popularity among both before market and after market.

We become the exclusive supplier of many car-makers like MITSUBISHI, SUBARU,Mazda,Hyundai,Proton, etc, and also collaborate with famous DVD dealers like CASKA, FlyAudio, Road Rover, Skypine.


Over nearly 15-year development, now Grace Tech Ltd. successfully supply professional automotive products and tailored solutions to thousands of customers worldwide.