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1.Why the image showed white and black?
   Pls check the TV Systems(PAL/NTSC) of display and camera whether coincident.

2.Why is the image sometimes wobbly?
   The electric current is not stable to some extent.


3.Shall the camera work normally at night ?
   Yes, all the cameras can work normally at night with the help of car lights and streetlights, etc. Some models with IR light.


4.Does the camera is waterproof?
   Yes, all the cameras have passed the waterproof testing when produced. The standard IP rating can reach 67 or 68.


5.Can the camera work together with DVD player?
  At present, our camera connectors include RCA, Mini Jack, Mini Din, S-video, Pin cable, and OEM wiring. Before installation, pls check connector of DVD player whether compatible with camera.


6.Why is the image shaking?
   The fix-bracket release, please adjust and stablize.

7.Why is no image coming out?
  The plugs without inserting well or system connect cables broken, please check them.

8.Why is the image bluring?
  Because the cameras lens are dirty, please clean the cameras lens

9.Why is the image slanting?
  Cameras are not installed in the right way, please adjust the bracket of cameras.



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 8D report,Defective products problems analysis & resolving;
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