HD Quality 5.6 Inch TFT LCD Monitor For Cars

  • Item NO :GT-M5003
  • Color:Black

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Product Details

  Type: TFT LCD car monitor     

  Car Make: for bus & truck

  Model Number: GT-M5003

  Size Screen: 5.6inch (4:3) 

  Resolution: 320(RGB)x234Pixel

  System: PAL/NTSC

  Power Supply: DV12V~32V

  Video: Three way video input




  All materials are pure and eco-friendly, non-toxic,lead free, pollution free;


  High definition, parking easier and safer;


  Scientific design, according to the DFEMA management system;


  Circuit protection function;


   Easy to install;


   Durability, according to the ISO9001 quality management system. 



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