Do You Need a Mini Spy Camera?

Even if you are not involved in espionage you might have a need for a mini spy camera, or perhaps you just want one for the fun of it! For under a hundred bucks you can have lots of fun with this small Stick DVR Hidden Camera, which really isn’t “hidden” although you can have it attached to your belt or clothing and no one will have to know that it is an audio recording, video recording device that can even take still shots.

You would later connect your Mini Spy Camera to your computer’s USB port to upload and view the videos or photos on Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/ XP/VISTA OS and Linux. This is one of the coolest gadgets you will have seen in a long time, and you will find a multitude of uses for this little beauty. You can leave it behind on your desk when you go to lunch to find out what colleagues are up to in your absence.

The Mini Spy Camera can be left in the car with a friend or family member, while you run into a store or the bank. You can hear what your spouse or teenager might be saying to their friend on a cell phone. Hidden Cameras and Surveillance Systems are everywhere these days, so we don’t even really have any privacy anymore! So, why not also have the ability, with your own Mini Spy Camera, to find out what others are doing when you are briefly away?

This mini spy camera has a built in lithium battery that will last up to two hours and gets recharged when plugged into the computer’s USB port. There is a date and time stamp, and the gadget is really convenient, and it’s tiny; it will fit inside an empty package of gum…the five sticks package!

So, whether it will be for a purpose of importance, or just for fun and giggles, you need to get your own Best mini car camera! You can click there, order one online, and have it shipped to your door via UPS! What could be easier than that? And this Mini Spy Camera makes a fabulous gift for the person on your gift list that enjoys technology, gadgets, and fun electronics items! Plus, when it comes to your safety and protection…it’s better to “Be safe, Not sorry!”

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An Auto Backup Camera Spells Safety

While most people feel that driving an SUV is very safe, most agree that there is a problem with backing up. When driving in reverse, it can be very difficult to see objects like rails or curbs because they are not visible in a rear view mirror. This is the problem when driving any vehicle, but it is even worse in an SUV. It seems that the larger the vehicle is, the larger the blind spots are. Fortunately, an auto Car Backup Camera can be installed to improve visibility when driving in reverse.

An auto backup camera allows drivers to back out of even the tightest spots without hitting anything. These systems work with a camera device installed at the rear of the vehicle that sends signals to a dashboard mounted monitor. Drivers can view the monitor and see exactly what’s going on behind their car. These systems can prevent deadly accidents when used properly. A rear view mirror will not detect a child playing near the bumper of a car, but an auto backup camera system will.

An auto backup camera can be a lifesaver when driving an RV or towing a trailer. The dreaded task of backing into a camping space or boat dock is a breeze when a camera system is in use. Many of the newer RV’s include a backup camera system as part of the standard package, but it can easily be added to any vehicle where this safety feature is not standard.

When shopping for an auto backup camera, you must consider the size of the vehicle it will be mounted on. A system for a truck or RV is different than what would be used on a compact car. One feature to look for in a system is night vision illumination. Preferably, choose a system that provides 20-40 feet illumination.

There are two basic types of auto backup camera systems available for purchase – hardwired and wireless. The hardwired system is the least expensive option, but the hardwired installation is more difficult to install than the wireless system. Make sure you factor in the cost of the installation when making your selection. These systems can be purchased through online retailers or most auto parts stores.

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Hitch Mounted Rear View Cameras – Nice or Neccesity?

With all of the high tech gadgets available to today’s consumer, it can be difficult to figure out which gadgets are of real benefit to us and which ones are nothing more than toys with large price tags. Just look at all of the camera systems we can get for our vehicles. I mean, do you really need to watch “I Love Lucy” reruns while you’re driving 80 MPH on a crowded freeway?

While you may not need satellite TV in your car, there is one type of camera and video system that can really get you out of a jam or tight spot, as it were. It’s called a Car Front View Cameras; the most convenient of these are hitch mounted, and they can literally save your life and vehicle. What the rear view hitch mounted camera does is feed live video into the cab of your vehicle of your trailer, RV, or anything else you are towing. When you are not towing, the hitch camera can be used as a back up camera. As you can imagine, this system can prove to be invaluable.

There are several different types and styles of hitch cameras. Most are priced under $250, but there are some pricey ones on the market. Roadmaster has a compact system with a small, 3.5 inch monitor that can quickly be set up on your dash or console. There is no heavy installation involved with this system, and the price is a little over $180. SkyMall has a less expensive trailer camera. The monitor for this system attaches easily to your visor. There are even some systems available that have two cameras: one for the back of your vehicle and one for the front of your trailer.

The installation for each type of camera differs somewhat. Some cameras install directly above the license plate which requires a little drilling and cutting. Other cameras only take a few bolts and attach directly to your trailer hitch. After you have mounted the camera, it’s only a matter of running the wiring into the cab of the vehicle. With most systems, there is not a whole lot of installation that is involved with the monitor. The monitor for most systems is removable and merely sits on or attaches temporarily to a surface near the driver’s seat.

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Rules and Regulations Governing Vehicle Number Plates

In 2001 the laws governing the display and supply of replacement number plates were greatly changed in order to tackle the problems of false plates and mis-spaced or illegible number plates. False plates are a problem to the police as criminals use them while committing crimes and illegible or mis-spaced number plates create problems for speed cameras and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems.

Since the introduction of the new legislation all number plate suppliers have had to register with the DVLA and must put their name and postcode on each plate manufactured. The supplier must inspect proof of entitlement and I.D. supplied by the customer and keep a record of both to be kept available for inspection by the police or trading standards officers.

The layout and materials of number plates are also specified in the legislation, and must comply with british standard BS AU 145d which governs the reflectivity and durability of the materials. There is only one font which is legal and characters must be 79mm high and 50mm wide. The gaps between each figure must be 11mm except for the gap between the two blocks of digits which must be 33mm. There should be a minimum gap at the top, bottom and sides of 11mm.

Europlates are allowed with a choice of flags such as St Georges Cross, Saltire, Union Jack, or Red Dragon. These are very useful for those that take their Car number plate camera to continental europe frequently as it negates the need for a GB sticker on the car.

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Popular Digital Cameras for Christmas 2010

Cameras are always a popular choice for Christmas presents and 2010 looks to be no exception, a Potential of Side Camera is the perfect Christmas present allowing you to capture all those special moments. Whether you are a professional photographer, a holiday maker or simply looking for a first camera for your child, there is a camera out there for you. Modern digital cameras come in a wide range of styles and specifications allowing the camera you buy to suit your needs perfectly.

This Christmas there are a wide range of cameras out there you just need to find the one that matches your requirements. An entry level camera for your teenager or even for you just to take next year’s holiday snaps is easy to find with a wide range of options on the market. The Fuji Finepix Z70 is the perfect choice with a 5x optical zoom, wide angle lens, 12 mega pixels and weighing only 125g, makes it the perfect camera when looking for a care free and easy to use camera to take pictures with friends and loved ones. This camera is priced on average around £90-£100 making it affordable and great value for money.

If you know a camera enthusiast who loves to take pictures of professional quality with a premium product then the ideal camera is undoubtedly the Nikon D7000 Digital SLR. This camera can help produce high quality shots any professional would be proud of. A few of the stand out features on offer from the D7000 are its 16 mega pixels, Expeed 2 processor and 39 Focus Points allowing a great quality picture in all areas. Various lenses are available to utilise the full potential of this camera, the D7000 is the ideal Christmas present for your camera enthusiast.

For the extreme sports fanatic the Panasonic HD Mobile Camera HM-TA1 is the must have camera to take videos on the move and upload them to file or online easily. With the touch of a button photos can be uploaded to Facebook or Videos to Youtube without even needing a computer. This camera is great for people who are constantly on the go and for those who would rather be climbing a mountain side than sitting at their computer uploading photographs of their previous adventure. With full HD quality and an 8 mega pixel picture resolution, quality is not sacrificed with the increased mobility and ease of use. This could make the perfect gift this Christmas for that person with the love of extreme sports and the great outdoors.

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